TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour
TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour

TEST Penguins & Cape Point Day Tour

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- Get up close to the African Penguin
- Cape Point National Park - Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point Lighthouse
- Drive Chapmans Peak
- Gin Tasting


It can be difficult to comprehend just how beautiful the Cape Peninsula really is. Join us as we meander along the coastline on our way to experience some of the gem’s the famous ‘Cape of Good Hope’ has to offer. Africa’s most sought after strip, a penguin colony to keep you company and a taste of the local delicacies makes for the perfect day south of the city.

Who Is This Experience Good For

- Anyone interested in nature and wildlife
- Anyone interested in beautiful scenery


The only place in the world where you can get this close to the African Penguin. These friendly little guys have been kind enough to share their spectacular beach with us. Elevated boardwalks wind their way through the dunes and vegetation and not only provide great viewing spots, but also protects nesting penguins and their chicks. The opposite side of the beach allows us to climb over and under boulders to get even closer bit only to observe and not disturb. This is a firm favorite for locals and visitors alike, a wildlife experience to remember.

Cape Point National Park boasts over 1100 indigenous plant species that form a small part of the much celebrated fynbos kingdom, the smallest but most diverse of the world's six floral kingdoms. Larger animals like Zebra, Eland and Bontebok are a rare sight but one can often find roaming ostriches, baboons and between June & November the Humpback and Brydes whales are not uncommon. The Cape of Good Hope is situated at the junction of the warmer Agulhas current and colder Benguela current, as a result the marine life found west and east of each side of Cape Point differs vastly. We'll visit the Cape of Good Hope and the lighthouses of Cape Point.

Neatly nestled in a cute little corner at Cape Point is a crooked little shack made of windows that welcomes passersby with a cup of hot tea and a scrumptious scone or two. Made almost entirely from windows, the Scone Shack invites the outside world in and allows curious creatures around it to join its patrons in enjoying the space. The Scone Shack used to be lived in by a laborer on the farm but when he left, they decided to remodel it and make a kitchen area. The unique “café of sorts” was created with sustainability in mind by our good friends Carl & Kara, building up the walls from scraps and repurposed window pieces. Cost of a scone and a coffee, herbal teas or juices is 100-130 ZAR PP, CASH ONLY. PLEASE BRING THIS ALONG.

We have 3 options for lunch and the choice is entirely yours. The Cape Point Vineyards Restaurant offers a seasonal menu designed to compliment their award winning Sauvignon Blanc driven wines and unrivaled views. Do what the locals would do and enjoy the much loved and famous fish and chips of Hout Bay, a must try when in Cape Town. Please click here to view our ‘Boot Brunch’ option which is a real winner for those who want something less formal, it’s a picnic type lunch enjoyed on the slopes of Chapmans Peak complimented with a gin tasting of our very own Pesky Hobbit Craft Gin.

Who are we to challenge that? From start to finish Chapmans Peak drive will blow the mind of even the most seasoned traveler. The road meanders along as it hugs the rock faces of the back end of Table Mountain just metres above the iconic bay. Photo opportunities and roadside stops are plenty, get ready to make some of the best memories of your trip to the Mother City. You’re unlikely to travel on a more beautiful route anywhere else after which we head back to your accommodation.

What's Included

Transportation - Round Trip - Pick up and drop off from accommodation , either SUV, 7/12 seater touring van, 20 seater minibus
Local Guide
Drinks - Water - On-board
Food - Snacks - Snack pack filled with South African treats
Entrance Fee / Tickets - Boulders Beach Penguin Colony AND Cape Point National Park 
Visit - Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point Lighthouse
Pesky Hobbit Craft Gin Tasting
Chapmans Peak Drive Scenic Route

What's Not Included

Food - Lunch on tour - there are multiple options and you will be able to choose on the day
Extra Food - Scone and coffee/tea/juice cost at Scone Shack stop
Transportation - There is a scenic walk up to the Cape Point Lighthouse of 700m which is of moderate difficulty. Alternatively, there is a tram available to the top at an extra cost of R85

Know Before You Go

- Minimum Needed: 2 people
- Maximum Capacity: 12 people
- Booking Deadline: 4 days before event
- Weather Dependent: No
- Difficulty Level: Easy
- Special Clothing Required: Yes - bring change if clothes
- Special Dietary Restrictions: Yes - All dietary needs catered
- Extra Cash: Needed for tipping

Special clothing required - Warm weather - Wear suitable clothing and shoes for the beach
Special clothing required - Athletic - Bring comfortable walking shoes for visit to Cape Point Lighthouse
If the tour consists of 2-6 PAX we’ll run the tour in X 2 SUV's or 1 X Touring Van
If the tour consists of 7-12 PAX we'll run the tour in 2 X Touring Vans
If the tour consists of 12-20 PAX we'll run the tour in 1 X 22 Mini Bus or 2 X 12 Seater Touring Vans
You will need to cash or a credit card for the entrance to Cape Point (340 ZAR)
Tipping in South Africa: Tipping is not mandatory but everyone in the service industry (waiters, guides etc) earns minimum wage and rely heavily on tips. The general amount is 10% but you do so at your own discretion.
Private Tours available

Host Introduction

Your host(s) will be Blaine Smith or Ryan Louw, local South African tourist guides. Blaine has lived in 6 of South Africa’s 9 different provinces and currently ventures all over the country on various expeditions. Ryan chose to make the Western Cape his home after a stint up north, you won’t find a bigger patriot for his country anywhere else! We left the corporate world to celebrate South African people, landscapes and products in that order. We’d love for you to join us! You’ll be in the best of South African hands.

*There is a possibility that you may be hosted by a different guide from Blaine's team on this experience and on occasion there will be more than one guide. 

Frequently Asked 

What should we wear?
Anything you're most comfortable in but please be sure to have comfortable walking shoes and flip flops as we will be walking on the beach, climbing over and under boulders for the best penguin viewing. Feel free to bring a swimming costume and towel if you fancy a brave cold dip.
Where will we need cash?
Only at the Scone Shack where a Scone and a Coffee/Tea/Kombucha/Juice will cost about 150 ZAR (~10 USD).
Can I charge my phone in the transportation?
Only in the SUV so rather ensure you come with fully charged cameras and phoned or bring your power banks with
Will the Penguins Bite?
No they won't as long as you don't get too close and intrusive. Trust your guide and let them lead when you're in their environment.
What's the story with lunch?
We choose from a number of different lunch spots depending on the weather all of which can accommodate your dietary requirements.

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