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“You're in someone else's country; adapt. It's not western life, though there are some of the same experiences, and it everything won't come easy. That said, the people are amazing and so hospitable. Get out of the city and explore the whole country.”

-Veritas Remote

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Meet the City Team

Born and raised in Marrakech, lover of her city and culture. She loves tagines, couscous, but also yummy cheesy pastas. She comes from an Events and Travel curating background after studying aeronautical engineering in a military academy, and then social work. She’s passionate about universe laws, Meditation, mind health, dogs and Arts. She also spend her Free time building up project for women's right and empowerment.

Slack: @Sara Morsli

Born and raised in Marrakech Taha was a dog breeder, then a military cadet pilot, then a social worker, then a light painter, then an art producer. And now he will be your Operations Manager in Marrakech, and he’s willing to keep it like that. Taha tries his best to be an ambassador of the universal Love and cultural understanding.

Slack: @Taha Mahmoudi

Remote Tips

"Tracks were absolutely great this month. It was truly immersing into local culture. Morocco is a country which doesn’t leave you neutral: you either love it or hate it. I belong to the lovers camp. Despite the challenges it poses it was the most culturally diverse and different from what I have ever seen and a huge highlight to the overall experience. City team were excellent in dealing with everything from hospital emergency visit to pumpkin shopping."— Veritas

“Be open to the stuff that’s unlike home, that’s why you are here. Take less side trips and actually live in the place you are and if you must do side trips don’t go back to Europe. Definitely do a desert safari."— Sonder

“Definitely take a weekend trip to the desert, that will be a lasting memory."— Sonder

“Explore more of Morocco than just Marrakesh! The Sahara Desert is a MUST. Go to Chefchauen if you can. Eat all the tagine. Bargain at the Medina. And obviously ride a camel."— Sonder

“Away from the pristine interiors and comforts of luxury Riads and Hotels, the soul of Morocco comes to life on the streets. If your idea of Marrakesh is comfort, calm and composure its anything but that. Marrakech is a fusion of traditions, cultures and rituals...And a cornucopia of tastes, textures, scents and sounds."— Sisu

“Come in with an open mind. Morocco can one of the most culturally shocking places, but it has a uniqueness and beauty like nowhere else. Embrace the diversity in everything you do and everyone you meet."— Sisu

“Allow yourself more time than you think you need to do anything. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to find your way out of the Medina."— Ohana

“Go to the Medina everyday. You will find new surprises. Be prepared to get lost in it and don’t schedule too tightly. Someone offers you direction chances are they want money, a lot of money. If you are really so lost pay them but if they insist bigger amount you are not happy with, shout to public if you have to.— Ohana