Mexico City, Mexico

Tepoztlán: Magic Town
Tepoztlán: Magic Town
Tepoztlán: Magic Town
Tepoztlán: Magic Town

Tepoztlán: Magic Town




Experience the ancient Mexican tradition of Temazcal
Enjoy a hike and explore the magical town of Tepoztlán
Participate in a yoga or breath workout or sound healing session (when the group is a small group this second activity is not happening) 
Includes transportation, guided tour, and late lunch at the retreat center


Tepoztlán is a magical place full of good vibes (a town 90 min outside Mexico City). We’re off to Amatecamp, a beautiful holistic surrounded by mountains. The day will be balanced with a hike and Temazcal (one of the ancient Mexican traditions to reset yourself, a traditional sweat lodge to pre-hispanic cultures)

Experience a spiritual and human development journey, this one-day retreat in Tepoztlán offers a chance to reset yourself with one of the ancient Mexican traditions of Temazcal, this ritual connects you with mother earth and the tradition invites self exploration and connection with your lineage. Words can not describe this journey but it is a trip to your mother and the earth's womb.

We will start the day activating our physical body in a hike (not difficult climbing), will explore the magic town and participate in a second activity like breath workout, yoga, or a fire ceremony. (depends on the dynamic of the group and what the staff in the center decides) 

Who This Experience Is Good For

Ideal for anyone looking for a medium-difficulty workout, exploring a magical town, or delving deeper into your spiritual journey.

Meet Our Local Host 

Ricardo and his tribe are experts in Temazcales and other spiritual practices, guiding you through the day's activities for an unforgettable experience, along with the RY city team.


7:00 AM - Meet at the co-working space to departure
Climb up a mountain / Hike (no special gear needed) OR just explore Tepoztlán (the magic town)
Arrive at the retreat center
Temazcal session
Yoga or breath workout or sound healing session (TBD)
Departure from the retreat center
10:00 PM - ish - Return to the co-working space

What’s Included

Guided tour by RY staff
Hiking and Temazcal
Yoga or Breath-workout or Sound healing session (If the group is less than 11 people this part will be canceled) you can relax by the pool instead.
Meal at the retreat center - Late lunch

What’s Not Included

Breakfast in the magic town

Things You Should Know

  • Please have breakfast at home before coming to this experience, If you don't want to do the hike, then you can have a light breakfast in the village, bring extra cash.
  • There’s just a 10 min waiting window so please be on time.
  • Bring snacks and water
  • Layers, it won’t be freezing cold but it might be a bit chilly in the AM.
  • Hiking shoes if you have them, it is better than regular sneakers, please no flip flops for the hike / Bring comfortable clothing.
  • Bring sandals, a swimsuit, and a towel! Also some sunblock or a hat

  • Late meal is included but will be later during the day in the holistic center.
  • NO PLASTIC BOTTLES!! (Rules of the holistic center, if you bring one, make sure to take it back with you)
  • Bring extra cash if you want to shop for stuff, local crafts, etc. no ATM, no credit card payment

  • It’s a long day of activities and some of them can be strenuous, please make sure you’ve rested the night before and are NOT HUNG OVER, especially for the people going to Xochimilco one day before, let's be ready for the Temazcal. 

This is something EXTRA: we may have massage therapists. If you want to get a massage, confirm with a comment in this event you want a massage. First come, first served. Limited spots for this, If you are interested please bring $1000 MXN pesos cash, and you will have to pay directly to the camp that day. 

  • If you choose to have a massage, we still need to check and organize the time schedule, people that want a massage probably will need to skip a part of the breath workout or Yoga.

     No worries, you won't miss the temazcal which is the main activity of the day, unless you don't want to do it.

  • deadline for us to confirm and book the massages, FRIDAY BEFORE THIS EVENT.

Know Before You Go

Minimum Needed:9 people
Maximum Capacity: 34 people
Booking Deadline: 7 days before start date
Weather Dependent: No
Difficulty Level: Moderate physical fitness is required for the hike.
Special Clothing Required: Bring sandals, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, hat, cap, hiking shoes if you have them, it is better than regular sneakers, please no sandals for the hike.
Special Dietary Restrictions:- Have breakfast and bring snacks and water for the ride in the morning. We will have an included meal but it's later during the day. Let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions
Extra Cash: Bring extra money for food or drinks in the town
Ground Transportation: All ground transportation is included from the workspace
Additional Information: This is a spiritual experience / one-day retreat... massages can be booked in advance for an extra price.
Liabilities: The liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred by participants is not assumed by Remote Year or its affiliates.
Good for | Anyone who wants a good medium-difficulty workout, explore a little town, or go deeper within yourself on a spiritual journey.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jenny Muniz Sicairos

Temescal was an unexpected highlight for me. Great spiritual, cathartic experience but not for the weak! We also got to relax by the pool. Must do IMO.

Alejandra Osorno
A Relaxing Sunday

I love Tepotzlan! It's a beautiful town with incredible views and welcoming energy. The open air yoga session was a great way to reconnect and recenter. Lunch was deliciously healthy. The temazcal (or sweat lodge) is a great detox and is an eye opening experience to the sacred indigenous practice. I truly love that Mexico City offers so many healing experiences. It's a great way to compliment and/or combat the crazy city lifestyle.

If you want a great from the electric mayhem of Mexico City, go to Tepotzlan. Take the day to reset and bask in the warm sun.

Carly Russell
A memorable, magical day

This day will go down as one of the most memorable days on my 4 month RY trip. The retreat center at Tepotzlan is truly magical and made for a day that was equal parts challenging & relaxing. Omar and the RY team organized it perfectly – between the hike with the stunning views, the temezcal, having time to relax at the beautiful camp, and the visit to the Magic Town – it was a great day all around & I would highly recommend it!

Sarish Khan
Truly a Magical Experience

I will always remember this day and hold it close to my heart. It was a reset that I needed. Tepoztlán is magical, if you attend this experience I recommend setting an intention and using the time to look inwards.

Diane B
I found it to be a very inspirational, authentic experience

The location is incredible with amazing views for yoga, a pool, relaxing and great healthy food. While temezcal is not for everyone, I found it to be a very inspirational, authentic experience and the dip in the waterfall afterwards is the best. I highly recommend.