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Oceansole Positive Impact
Oceansole Positive Impact
Oceansole Positive Impact
Oceansole Positive Impact

Oceansole Positive Impact





Unforgettable experience learning about turning pollution into art
Behind the scenes on how flip flops are turned into art
Take part in carving art structures
Get a chance to purchase amazing art at factory prices


Oceansole is a social enterprise, that upcycles washed up flip-flops found along the beaches and waterways in Kenya. Inspired by the toys children were making out of the flip-flop debris, Julie Church, the Ocean Sole Founder, encouraged their mothers to collect, wash, and cut the discarded flip-flops into colorful products to sell at local Kenyan Markets as another means of income for their families.

The social enterprise positively impacts over a 1,000 Kenyans through the collection of flip-flops and direct employment. They provide steady income to nearly 100 low-income Kenyans in their company. They aim to recycle a million flip flops every year, recycle over one tonne of styrofoam a month, and save over five hundred trees a year - by using flip flops instead of wood. They contribute over 10-15% of their revenue to beach cleanups, vocational and educational programmes as well as conservation efforts.

Oceansole uses their social enterprise to pay bonuses to employees, invest in a welfare programmes that allows a zero return in funds to all employees to help facilitate payments for educating their children, buying land and other means.

Who is The Experience Good For

Everyone who is concerned about the environment and wants to see how they can be an instrument of change


- Leave the workspace at 9am and head out to Karen,where Oceansole is situated
- Upon arrival, take a tour of the production plant and take part in the process 
- Have lunch and depart for the workspace at 2pm

What's Included

- Transport from the apartments and back
- Lunch

What's not included.

- Refreshments during transit

Know Before You Go

- Minimum Needed: 5 people
- Maximum Capacity: 10 people
- Booking Deadline: 7 days in advance
- Weather Dependent: No 
- Difficulty Level: Easy
- Special Clothing Required: No
- Special Dietary Restrictions: Carry a bottle of water
- Extra Cash: For purchasing art if need be
- Transportation: Transport to and from is included



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