Lake Atitlan: Extended Stay
Lake Atitlan: Extended Stay
Lake Atitlan: Extended Stay
Lake Atitlan: Extended Stay

Lake Atitlan: Extended Stay

Price: $140
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Extend your stay in the beautiful Lake Atitlan in this beautiful hotel charged with natural Guatemalan energy. Start the day with a morning session overlooking Lake Atitlán or the 13 historic towns, in a mountainous landscape. Walk to the Azul Maya Archaeological Museum or the artistic center of Casa Cakchiquel. Enjoy a deep connection with the community and learn natural dye technique's by joining the activity we planned for you. You will experience firsthand the dyeing process using local native plants. You will learn how to dye fabrics, using chilten leaves to create green, zacatinta bark for blue, and achiote shrub for orange, this are some local plants used to create incredible natural colors. With this activity, you will help a Maya cooperative of 70 women around the lake.

Day 1 - 2
The days are yours to design. Perhaps kick off with a yoga class in the yoga deck with breathtaking volcano views, learn more about DYE techniques or just enjoy a relaxing day with a good book and the right tunes!

Day 3
Depending on your next move (ie. airport), you'll be able to arrange relevant transport (and COVID test if needed) through the front desk to either the airport or your next destination.

What's Included
- Accommodation - 2 nights at Selina Atitlan
- Transportation - from Retreat Centre to Selina Atitlan
- Breakfast - included for 2 mornings
- Excursion - Natural Dyes Tour

What's Not Included
- Food - Lunch and Dinner need to be purchased on site, or nearby, separately at your own convenience
- Drinks
- Transportation from Selina Atitlan to your next destination (ie. airport) should be organized on your own. The front desk can help you organize.
- Insurance

Things You Should Know
- This is a self guided trip. We'll organize your accommodation and one activity (if purchased in advanced)
- Onward transportation from Lake Atitlan (ie. to airport) can be arranged with the front desk of the hotel
- Standard Room: A classic stay: affordable, comfortable, and private. Our standard option provides you with a double bed and the ideal space to comfortably unwind in total privacy. In all locations you will have your own bathroom.
- Micro Room: this is a smaller version of the private room. You will have a double bed in a compact and modest room, perfect if you’re looking for a place to sleep and a small area to store your belongings. In some locations, the bathroom might be shared with up to 4 micro rooms.

Host Introduction
The on-site tour operators are managed by Selina, Remote Year's parent company. Selina has a large global footprint and knows to accommodate different customer needs.

Minimum To Operate
1 person - 2 people for the excursion

Maximum Capacity
5 people

Deadline To Book
April 24, 2022

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