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Lima, Peru

Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle
Iquitos: Amazon Jungle

Iquitos: Amazon Jungle





3 day / 2 night Side Trip
Spot a group of pink river dolphins
Experience a tree alive with monkeys
Be amazed by jaw-dropping sunset/sunrise
Catching your own piraña for dinner


Take a trip to ‘the lungs of the earth’ and the largest forest in the world: The Amazon Jungle. On this three day, two night adventure we’ll stay at a lodge in the heart of the Peruvian rainforest. Explore the rich ecosystem with hikes through the trees, boat trips on the river, and night excursions to spot nocturnal species. Every day is unique. Unbelievable beauty and adventure await in the Amazon Jungle

This experience is for nature lovers, those in search of quiet and biodiverse places, willing to live the adventures of the river and jungle, as well as learn more about the indigenous culture and environment of the Peruvian jungle

Who This Experience Is Good For

If you're interested in exploring, being in nature and going to a place like no other then the answer is yes!

Meet Our Local Host

Luis and Allen are a father and son from Iquitos. They have extensive experience guiding tours all over the Amazon jungle. This is a family based company, both are very proud of their roots and love sharing this part of Peru with the world.


8:30AM: Pick-up at the Iquitos Airport
9AM: Breakfast in the city of Iquitos
10AM: Transport to the lodge by van and boat
1PM: Lunch at the lodge
3:30PM: Visit the monkey island
7PM: Dinner

7:30AM: Breakfast
8:30AM: Excursion to the black water river to see different variety of animals and plants
1PM: Lunch
3:30PM: Excursion to the jungle, piraña fishing and sunset in the Amazon
7PM: Dinner
8PM: Night excursion to the jungle

5:30AM: Sunrise in the Amazon
7:30AM: Breakfast
8:30AM: Visit to a community and swim in the Amazon river
12PM: Lunch
12:45PM: Transport to the Iquitos airport

What's Included

Transfer from Iquitos Airport or hotel to the port and sailing to the lodge
Transfer from the lodge to the Iquitos Airport after lunch
Accommodation - The 2 nights at the lodge
Entrance Fee / Tickets
Local Guide
Food - All meals once at the lodge
Drinks - Soft drinks and water
Boots for the rain, toiletries (shampoo, soap and toilet roll)
Night and day excursions - by boat or walking

What's Not Included

Breakfast on Day 1
Drinks - Alcoholic beverages

Tips for vendors
Transportation - Flights Lima > Iquitos > Lima
Poncho for rain (available for purchase at the lodge)

Know Before You Go 

Minimum Needed: 03 people
Maximum Capacity: 18 people
Booking Deadline: 5 days before the event
Weather Dependent: No
Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium
Special Clothing Required: Bring bathing clothes, long-sleeved t-shirts or shirts with hoods that are dark colored to avoid the mosquitoes. short-sleeved shirts for boat excursions and to the village. light pajamas. comfortable shorts. long trousers, not leggings because mosquitoes can pass through them. various changes of clothing due to humidity, especially underwear clothing. Accessories: small backpack for supplies used during excursions and walks. sunglasses. mosquito repellent. sunscreen. a good book. toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant. a hat that provides shade.
Special Dietary Restrictions: Most dietary needs are catered for. Please inform the city team upon booking.
Extra Cash: Needed for tipping, donation, additional services, cash (soles) for purchases in the town, tips, and bar consumption
Ground Transportation: Transfer from Iquitos Airport or hotel to the port and sailing to the lodge. Transfer from the lodge to the Iquitos Airport after lunch
Additional Info: Accommodation: Lodges are both simple but comfortable. No AC. Private rooms don't mean bigger beds, it only means, a private room
Flights: Flights are $100-130 approx. and you can use airlines such as viva air, LATAM, and Peruvian Airlines. More details will be shared in your specific group
Schedule: Please know that the schedule can change or be modified. You will be notified if that is the case.
Liabilities: The liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred by participants is not assumed by Remote Year or its affiliates.

There will be no refund in case of delayed flights, train delays, bad weather or other external factors



Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
I HIGHLY recommend the Amazon trip...

I HIGHLY recommend the Amazon trip. It was everything I had hoped for and more!! From the activities to the people to the food - top notch! The guides and staff go above and beyond to really ensure you get to experience life in the jungle. This is an absolute must book weekend adventure!

One of the best weekends of my life

If you are a wildlife lover, you cannot miss this trip.

A once-in-life time experience...

A once-in-life time experience. Bring a lot of big spray and be ok with maybe not getting a full nights sleep (lots of animal noises at night, local tribes drumming etc), but it‚ was all worth it. Luis and Alan were incredible hosts and the whole weekend was thoughtfully curated with a nice balance of activity and down time. From piranha fishing, to monkey island, visiting a local village and tribe‚ it was a wonderful weekend!
They even baked a birthday cake (in the AMAZON!) for the birthday of someone in our group! They were wonderful hosts!

This weekend blew me away....

This weekend blew me away. I have never been on a tour where the guides were so invested in making sure we had an incredible time. Definitely the trip of a lifetime!

Veronica B
A Must Do!

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this weekend adventure to all Remotes! It was an absolutely unforgettable complete package of the "Amazon experience" with both water and jungle adventures!
Luis and Allen (the local guides) are so kind, so incredibly knowledgable (they happily answered my never-ending questions), and definitely know what they are doing.
Some of the things we got to do (in no particular order): boated up and down the main and backwater rivers, met a local tribe/villagers, fished for and swam with piranha, held monkeys at Monkey Island, did a nighttime and an early morning jungle exploration, got to see so many various plants/trees and of course a great variety of animals in the wild (pink and grey dolphins, sloths, monkeys, sooooo many incredible birds like Toucans, Hoatzins, herons, hawks, vultures, owls and the unique sounding Russet-backed Oropendola bird, bats, frogs, tarantulas, butterflies and fireflies... to name just a few), saw a rainbow, a shooting star, and the most beautiful clouds, and finally explored the Iquitos market and even ate grilled larvae/"suri"! Accommodations were at an eco lodge in the heart of the jungle, with the most delicious authentic meals prepared by Olga (such a fantastic chef), and the always smiling and sweet Americo was behind the bar. The hammock hut was wonderful and fun to relax in, and going to sleep/waking up to all the sounds of the jungle (while safely protected in your private bungalow), is absolutely incredible!
Insider tip: Be sure to bring crew length socks, as you often wear the rain boots they provide, and just ankle socks aren't too comfortable. Also bring plenty of cash (smaller bills), for the bar, buying handmade stuff from the local community, and for tips to the team at the end of the trip (trust me, they so deserve a good tip for how awesome they are)!