Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fileteado Workshop
Fileteado Workshop
Fileteado Workshop
Fileteado Workshop
Fileteado Workshop
Fileteado Workshop
Fileteado Workshop
Fileteado Workshop

Fileteado Workshop





Culture & Art Experience
Learn a technique that is part of the Argentinian cultural identity
Learn about materials tied to the technique, symbols, methods, and styles that contribute to the cultural rescue of the Filleteado in a non-proper framework, making this Argentine value known and revalued. 
Participate and share a creative space for artistic and cultural exchange, with everyone participating in the fileteado experience. 


Join artist/fileteador  in a hands-on workshop that offers an immersive introduction to the captivating art form of Fileteado Porteño. This traditional technique, recognized as the visual emblem of Buenos Aires and esteemed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, will be explored through a combination of theoretical and historical insights. Participants will have the opportunity to practice drawing the signature elements of Fileteado, including Flowers, Acanthus leaves, Laces, and Ribbons. Through a structured approach, attendees will then delve into the process of painting a complete sign, gaining invaluable firsthand experience in applying flat colors, shadows, lights, and highlights that define the art of Fileteado.

Who This Experience Is Good For

Art lovers, curious minds

Meet Our Local Host 

The workshop is led by an artist and a fileteador.


6:00: PM: Start time in Jean Jaures and Pasaje Zelaya.

Presentation: An approach to the history of the Fileteado Porteño and its cultural identity, presentation of tools and materials and different images of outstanding designs from our country (duration 10 to 15 minutes)
Development: They will be guided through the process. We will provide wooden support to begin the fileteado process. It starts with the drawing and then painting the motif. Finally, it ends with the shadows and final varnish of the piece.

7:30: PM: End time

What’s Included

Materials are included
You will take a souvenir decorated by themselves 

What’s Not Included


Know Before You Go

Minimum Needed: 3 people
Maximum Capacity: 16 people
Booking Deadline:  3 days before event
Weather Dependent: No.
Difficulty Level: Easy
Special Clothing Required: Casual
Special Dietary Restrictions: N/A this is not a food tour
Extra Cash: For tips 
Ground Transportation: You can uber / walk to the address. 
Additional Information: N/A
Liabilities: The liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred by participants is not assumed by Remote Year or its affiliates.



Customer Reviews

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Amazing workshop!!!

I really enjoyed the fileteado workshop and came away with an incredible piece thanks to the instructor’s guidance. If you’re looking for a creative experience to escape the stress of work, I highly recommend booking!