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RY Coelho - Group Flight 2nd Apr

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Hi Coelho

As sent on your Announcements channel the group flight we had prepared for April 2nd got cancelled, we are trying to provide with the 3 best options to get you to your final destination, all this options are at no cost and include your usual transportations. We are asking you to select one of this options by Wednesday March 2nd at 5pm Lisbon time as we need to proceed to book your alternative prior to your transition day on March 5th in order to have your exit information ready.

📍Route: Cape Town-> Valencia

🏘 Group: Coelho

⏳Booking Deadline: March 2 at 5pm

Option 1 | Friday Flight

 On this option you will be departing on Friday and arriving on Valencia on Saturday. Is the shortest flight time of them all.

1️⃣ 01 Apr Turkish CPT - IST 16:50 4:40

1️⃣ 03 Apr Turkish IST- VLC 0815 11:05


Option 2 | Saturday Flight

This departs on Saturday and is the longest option of all of them with a 9 hour layover in Istanbul

1️⃣ 02 Apr Turkish CPT - IST TK45 16:45 04:35

1️⃣ 03 Apr Turkish IST- VLC TK1313 14:10 17:10


Option 3 | Saturday flight (Self Transfer)

Shorter flight however it involves self transferring bags at MAD airport as we would be booking 2 separate tickets for this one.

1️⃣ 02 Apr Emirates  CPT - DXB  18:20 05:45

1️⃣ 02 Apr Emirates  CPT - DXB  18:20 05:45

Self transfer of bags

2️⃣ 03 Apr Iberia MAD- VLC  16:00 17:00


Option 4 | Travel Credit

If you decide you are not traveling with the group on any of this option you can select a travel credit for this transition

Travel Credit: 500

All this options would include our usual baggage promise and will be treated as regular group flights which includes RY doing the check in for you for any option you choose.

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