Patagonia W-Circuit Citizen Experience

Patagonia W-Circuit Citizen Experience

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Circuito W operated by RY with a partnership with our trusted vendor. 7 Day/ 6 Night trip with 5 days of hiking and exploring the Patagonia Region in Chile for a total of 10 people.

Length: 7 Days and 6 Nights
Where: Patagonia
Who: A total of 10 participants 
  • Private Transport to and from Punta Arenas airport to Puerto Natales accommodations 
  • Welcome guide at airport 
  • 2 nights in Puerto Natales accommodation (previously used and vetted by former RY members). 2 people per room with private bathroom. 
  • Breakfast at Puerto Natales accommodation 
  • Bus to Parque Torres del Paine 
  • Full W-circuit  
  • Tickets to Park Torres del Paine and other entrance fees 
  • Camping included during the 5-day trekking adventure
  • Camping set up and clean up  
  • All meals once inside the park 
  • Porter for 2 days (the days you will need them) 
  • Puerto Natales Map 
  • Guide at all times  
  • RY staff support via remotely for all logistics 
Not Included
  • Flight to and from Punta Arenas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Meals and snacks unless specifies
  • Miscellaneous (tips, rental gear, hot drinks in rest stops)
Pricing Details

Price per person: $1835 TOTAL

  • We can do a payment plan of 2 payments upon request 
  • First Payment due March 1st: $860
  • Second Payment due June 1st: $875
  • Reservation must be done 37 days before the trip takes place
  • Canceling post making the reservation will only be partially refunded 
  • RY has a non-refundable policy unless is a medical emergency

Day 1- Arrival into Punta Arenas. Private transfer to Puerto Natales and Check in at Hostal Los Pinos. Mini Orientation to go over Circuito W preparation and  security information. 

Day 2- Transfer to bus station and bus trip to Park  Torres del Paine. Accomodation in Camping Sector Central. 

Day 3- Trekking tot Mirador Base Torres and lodging in Camping Sector Central. 

Day 4- Trekking along the lake Nordeskjold. Loading  in camping Sector Frances.

Day 5- Trekking through Valle Frances. Loading  in camping Paine Grande.

Day 6- Trekking Lago Grey and Lago Pehoe. Transfer back to Puerto Natales. Check in at Hostal Los Pinos.

Day 7- Private Transfer back to Punta Arenas Airport 


What do you recommend I bring for this trip?

The climate in Torres del Paine is very variable. During the day it can be cold, hot and even with strong winds. October is early spring so you will have less rain and temperatures can range between 5º and 25º degrees (Celsius). For that reason, it’s important to take good equipment and many layers of clothes to be able to regulate your temperature. We recommend you pack:

  • Passport + immigration card (the document given by police at the airport the passport. IMPORTANT: this document is deceiving, it looks like a regular receipt and seems completely unimportant but you have to keep it.)
  • Cash (ideally CLP but USD also work in some places) as no card payments are allowed inside the park and there are no exchange houses or ATMs.
  • Medium trekking backpack (30 liters approx.)
  • Long/Short Sleeve T-shirts
  • Long hiking trousers
  • Hiking shorts
  • Warm jacket or fleece
  • Cap or hat
  • Mountain shoes (if possible waterproof boots)
  • Resting shoes
  • Raincoat/waterproof poncho
  • Sandals (for showers)
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Flashlight and battery (especially useful in campsites)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Photo camera
  • Walking poles


I don't have walking poles — do you know where I can rent them?


What are the campsites like?

  • They are areas close to a type of lodging known as “refugios”, in the middle of nature where you’ll find other travelers. Being next to these lodgings provides more comfort and protection from the wind. Some tents are located in wooden structures while others are directly on a waterproof layer. They have their own bathrooms and showers (with limited hours) and a common kitchen, which you won't have to use, as the tour includes all the meals served in the "refugio's" dining room. 


Do I have to take my entire luggage to the trek?

  • No, we recommend you to take only what is necessary for the trek and leave the rest of the luggage at the Hostel in Puerto Natales.


Is food included? Where do I eat at noon?

  • Yes, the tour includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast and dinner are served in the "refugio", even if you are staying in a campsite. A lunchbox is provided for lunch, which you will pick up at breakfast time and enjoy along the way.


What is included in the lunch-box?

  • The lunchbox consists of specific foods for physical activity: nuts, cereal bars, fruit, a sandwich and some candy.

Do I have to carry my backpack all the way?

  • During the majority of the tour you must carry your backpack, except in areas where you return by the same route, for example on day 2, when you return to the same campsite. Along the route there are several ranger posts where you can leave your luggage and pick it up the same day you return, as you will pass through the same point.
  • As an option, you can hire a porter to help you on the days of the W Circuit when you’ll have to carry your backpack.


Do I have to bring any documents?

  • Yes, it is very important that you take with you the passport and the immigration card that you are given when you enter Chile. In addition, you must also bring the tickets and all the documentation that is given to you during the briefing.


Do I have to sleep the day before in Puerto Natales?

  • It is highly recommended since this way you’ll be able to rest properly before the start of the W Circuit, as well as keep in your accommodation some of the luggage that you don’t need to take to the trek.


Do I have to bring a lot of water?

  • No, just make sure to bring a refillable bottle, which is delivered in the welcome kit. In the campsite you’ll have water and during the tour you’ll be able to refill your bottle directly from the abundant rivers, as it is drinkable and fresh :)


Do I need to bring a towel?

  • No, the hostel provides towels and then we’ll give you one to use during the trek.

Anything you would recommend bringing?

  • Yes. If you are a light sleeper, earplugs are a life saviour.
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