(Sample -Kyoto to KL) (insert date) Transition Options (INSERT GROUP NAME) - RY Marketplace
(Sample -Kyoto to KL) (insert date) Transition Options (INSERT GROUP NAME) - RY Marketplace

Transition Option

Nation Fest II - Early Bird Transition Options RY Baker


Per Person

Customize your transition from Lisbon to Lima to attend Nation Fest 2 this May

Below is the standard group flight planned for the May 27th transition.  Please make sure to fully complete the purchase if you are interested in changing your flight for this Nation Fest 2 Transition Trip Offering. If you do not complete the checkout process of one of the below options you will be placed on the standard group flight. All selections are final and cannot be changed once purchased. 


📍Route: Lisbon to Lima

🏘 Group: Baker

⏳Booking Deadline: April 16th at EOD


Standard group flight: 

1️⃣ 27 May Air Europa LIS- MAD 20:05 22:20

1️⃣ 27 May Air Europa MAD- LIM 23:55 04:30

*This standard flight option is subject to airline availability and any other changes outside of RY Control and while this is the projected group flight it might change prior to TT closing.

❗️If you choose to not take the group flight, you will be responsible for your your transport to the airport in Lisbon and from the airport to your new apartment in Lima.

Not Traveling with the Group

 Credit Amount: $850

Selecting this option will remove you from the group flight. You will receive the credit amount applied to the RY bill you receive right before the transition date mentioned above, May 27th.


Transition Trip | Early Bird Cancun Transition Trip

Selecting this option will remove you from the group flight and you will be re-booked on a transition trip to the destination you've selected. Flight prices may change at any time. Should the price change and we are not able to confirm your flight for the price shown, we will refund your purchase. Prices might change at any point from March 5th until closing on April 16th.


1️⃣ 26 May Air Europa LIS- MAD 07:35 09:50

1️⃣ 26 May Air Europa MAD- CUN 14:55 17:45

2️⃣ 29 May Sky Airlines CUN- LIM 16:40 22:00


  • Flight from your current RY city to this transition destination
  • Flight or onward travel from the transition destination to the next RY city
  • Minimum 20kg baggage allowance
  • If the transition has 10+ Remotes, your transport from the airport to your apartment will be included.

Not Included

  • Transport to and from airports (per current deviation policy, unless the group reaches 10+ people, as mentioned above, your transport from  airport to your apartment will be included.
  • Hotel in your transition city
  • Activities in your transition city
  • Nation Fest 2 Tickets. To purchase your Nation Fest 2 Tickets please go here.

Additional Notes Before Booking:

Your experience/time in these cities is NOT part of your Remote Year program. Booking deviation flights on your behalf is in no way an endorsement by Remote Year of the city to which you deviate. Other than the flight that we book, the deviation is at your own risk. There is inherent risk in all travel, but some destinations are less safe than others. 

Please be aware of all visa requirements and travel advisories (here is a good place to start for travel advisories and you can find additional information through International SOS to make sure that the chosen destination is right for you BEFORE booking).

All sales final. No refunds will be issued unless we are unable to ticket the flight. Dates cannot be changed or modified. You can read more about Travel Policies here.

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