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Local SIM Card

Local SIM Card

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Local SIM Card
Local SIM Card

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Data  3.5 GB
Valid for
30 days
Details Unlimited WA, IG, FB & FB MSN
Minutes Unlimited within Peru

Please ensure you have checked with your phone provider that you can use a prepaid SIM card before completing this purchase. Your phone must be unlocked or this SIM card will not work. Note that this SIM card will only last for the duration mentioned in the description above. You may have an opportunity to extend this duration but it will come at an additional cost.


Can I get a refund if the SIM Card doesn't work for my phone?

No, unfortunately all sales are final. We recommend you check with your phone provider to ensure you can use prepaid SIM cards before you make your purchase.

Will the SIM card work right away when I get it?

There might be a few steps you need to take before you receive data on your phone, but it should not take long to setup!

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Kenton de Jong
A Must Have

I am from Canada, and my phone company told me it would cost $15 a day to use my number in Peru, and I had abysmal data. This option gave me data everywhere I went for about the same price. It also helped me stay connected when there was no wifi. You'll need to use your phone a lot for Uber, restaurant menus, maps, etc so this is a great, cheap way to do it.