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Lake Atitlan : Day tour at the lake

Lake Atitlan : Day tour at the lake

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Lake Atitlan : Day tour at the lake
Lake Atitlan : Day tour at the lake
Lake Atitlan : Day tour at the lake
Lake Atitlan : Day tour at the lake
Lake Atitlan : Day tour at the lake
Lake Atitlan : Day tour at the lake

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- Being on a boat on the lake and guided by a local
- Visiting 2 towns - San Marcos and San Juan la Laguna
- Having a cultural immersion day trip as you will be surrounded by locals
- Visiting cooperatives where they support the community
- Having a meal cooked by a cooperative that gives jobs to people with special needs
-Swimming in one of the most amazing lakes on the planet 



This Day trip was intended for those who want to join up the community on Side Trip at the lake! This does not include transport from Antigua, you will have to arrive on own or also you have the option to purchase one of our amenity transfers on our marketplace.

Meet the group at Selina Atitlan, and head out to San Marcos la laguna to enjoy a Swim at a nature reserve, we also have a small hike beforehand, so be prepared to sweat a bit and then jump in for a refreshing swim and optional walk through the tiny pathways of the town famous for its alternative retreat style vibe.

Afterwards you will be visiting San Juan la laguna. Upon arrival we will head out to  a Cooperative called Alma de Colores, in which they help the community by giving people with disabilities an option to work and be part of society, we have lunch there and then make our way down the village streets checking out the amazing murals and onwards to a women's cooperative in which they have rescued the ancient Maya dyes to colour their textiles, this is rescuing the ancient Maya culture before your eyes.
We also go to a local chocolate factory owned by locals who get the cacao from the coast,(optional shopping at your own risk), then enjoy a brake at a local coffee shop (optional coffee purchasing) before getting back onto the boat and heading back to 'Pana', short for Panajachel.

This is a unique day trip for you to tag along and meet up with RY community members at the lake that have purchased the Side Trip option. If you do your own thing that weekend, lets meet up for this amazing day! 


 Who this experience is good for

-Folks who like to do their own thing but join the community at the lake and have a Day tour experience
-Anyone who loves nature, swimming and culture
-People who like being on the water, as you will be on a boat heading to 2 towns around the lake
-Interested in culture and adventure


 Meet our local host

A selected team of bilingual guides will give the tour, we have a crew of 2-3 depending on availability, but all are amazing experts in the area. This is a perfect experience to check out the communities in lake Atitlan where you will meet the hosts of great initiatives that help the community, the local guide will introduce you to all of them, all very friendly and most of them speak english as well as the Cacao / Chocolate factory and presentation, these are all locals who engaged in amazing initiatives and most of them are very happy to practice their english. Also our boat drivers are professional and friendly and part of the amazing local team in the area.



Meet up around 9am at the Selina Atitlan Parking lot area where you will be greeted by local guide and proceed to walk 10mins to the dock to board the private boat. About 20 mins afterwards you will arrive to San Marcos Tzankujil Nature Reserve in which you have the option of a hike to the view platforms or just chill and head out to the platforms and rocks to jump in and enjoy a refreshing swim. There is a 30 foot platform where you can jump into the water, but we advise not to as its at your own risk. After the swim we have an optional walk through the artisan small main pathway, and then off to board the same boat and go to San Juan la Laguna just 10 mins away. 

We arrive to San Juan dock and we proceed to walk to Alma de colores cooperative or similar to enjoy our traditional lunch. After lunch we walk through this colourful town seeing the amazing mural art and then we visit the women's cooperative in which they rescue the ancient Maya way of dying our textiles, onwards to the Art galleries, chocolate factory and explanation and a cherry on top, a small brake at an amazing local cafe where you have the option to purchase a bag of coffee or just enjoy a cup! After this packed day, we board the same boat and head back to 'Pana' short for Panajachel. ETA back at Pana is approx. 3 to 4pm.


 Whats included

-Local Guide with expertise and great english
-Walking Tour given by guide at San Juan la laguna
-Entrance Fee / Tickets to nature reserve at San Marcos la laguna
-Boat round trip from Panajachel
-Lunch is optional - please let your local team if you would like the meal

Whats not included

-Tips for vendors, guide, cooperatives and boat driver
-Extra Food and lunch (as the lunch in the cooperative is reserved in advance if you would like to have the lunch option contact your city manager)
-Extra Drinks

Know before you go

-Bring personal  water bottle and stay hydrated
-Bring swim gear, sun protection and maybe a small change of clothes
-Difficulty Level - Easy with some hills and loads of walking
-Weather dependent - as Day Trip could be cancelled due to rain
-Bring a cap - and also a wind breaker, fleece or light jacket
-If you like pictures - now is the time to bring your devices or cameras always ask the locals if they let you take their picture.
-Transport is not included, this is for you to choose as a Day trip if you are already at the lake and want to connect with other remotes on Side trips or on own.
-Minimum to operate: 4 people
-Maximum capacity: subject to boat capacity and booking
-Deadline to book: 7 days prior to experience


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Okkkk, day trip.

I already think Atitlan is magical. Please see my other review, I am just stoked to see that there is a day trip option now! This day trip should rejuvenate even the most-stressful nomadic work week. Thanks Josh!

Catalina arenas
Perfect Escape

This trip was definitely one of the highlights of my month in Guatemala. Lake Atitlan is spectacular and the energy that is breathed is impressive. The villages that we visited are beautiful and the hotel we stayed at too. Sailing and swimming in the lake were my favorite activities.