Antigua, Guatemala

Hike An Active Volcano

Hike An Active Volcano

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Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano
Hike An Active Volcano

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-Hiking an easy to moderate active volcano in the region
-Walking around a Mars like atmosphere on the rivers of petrified lava
-Being in nature
-Eating a small slice of Volcanic cooked pizza and doing s'mores from the heat vents
-Walking down a loose gravel rock path for about 10mins is like surfing a volcano


Did you ever think you'd be able to walk up an active volcano? Here is your once in a lifetime chance...Timed so that we are able to maximise opportunity to see petrified lava rivers, sunset (dry season) or early morning in rainy season.

We will be departing around 12pm (dry season) or 8:00am (rainy season), from our designated meet point (details on hub event) onwards to the Pacaya basin for about an hour and a half. Once at the volcano base, it's a 60-90 min hike all the way up! And no, there's no ski-lift or helicopter for this one but there is a horse power option! Should this option appeal to you, local horses can be hired when there for Q.100-150 per person each way. That said, it's not a difficult hike either. Except for a few small stretches, this climb can be taken at leisure, so you've time to admire the views and we'll make the most of two designated look out points also. Keep in mind you will have an option to enjoy a Volcanic cooked pizza, when you reach the top, having a pizza cooked in a small vent chamber of a volcano is something for the bucket list! We do include a pizza cut in small slices for everyone to enjoy, but if you would like extra you can purchase a personal pizza for Q250 up to Q400, something to consider as some really like this detail, but its not the aim of the hike.

Pacaya Volcano is one of those rare chances to be up really close (but safely) to petrified rivers of lava that now are solid rock formations like walking around Mars, and experience the heat and energy of one of mother nature's most powerful monuments. And let's not forget you'll see the contrast in colours of the scenery when we start our descent, if you do the early version its probably due to rainy season and safer due to mud, the decent takes the same time as the climb. When we descend we go down through a gravel loose rock slope, this could be really fun but, we suggest good hiking boots for this journey. If you are not an experienced hiker this is your volcano climb in Guatemala, as other volcanoes have more of a risk to them.


Who this experience is good for

-Hikers and not so experienced ones
-Nature lovers

Meet our local host

We have a team of general guides for the whole country and local community guides from San Vicente Pacaya the nearby town to escort the group on this hike. If you stay behind we have the local guide to escort you, and also you will probably be greeted by all the 'chuchos', local saying for stray dogs along the way. Arriving to mid-summit you will meet David, he is the brilliant mind behind the idea of cooking the pizzas in the heat vents of the petrified lava rivers! And las but not least the horsemen with their local horse taxis are part of the experience.



Meeting at designated meet point (details on hub event) we depart Antigua with our general guide, onwards to the Pacaya volcano basin. This is about an hour and a half to get there, and this is where you will be greeted by the local guide to commence the hike.
You will have some stops along the way to enjoy the views and rest up a bit, and then you arrive to mid-summit at the petrified lava rivers, where you will meet David he is the mastermind of Pizza Pacaya.
This is where you will have your brake to enjoy your pizza cut in small slices for everyone to enjoy, have your snacks provided, and also last but not least have the opportunity to do some volcanic cooked s'mores.

If you would like to purchase an extra pizza consider taking some cash to purchase a personal pizza Q250 up to Q400 depending on the size, as we do include a small piece for all but the aim is not the pizza.  Some folks really like this detail so its good to consider.

After the brake you continue onwards to the old caldera summit (as the new one is active) and there is where you can observe an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding areas. After you start the decent through the loose gravel rock for about 10mins, then onto the same pathway you came up, arriving to the parking lot where you can use restrooms and then onwards to Antigua's Central Plaza where you are dropped off.


What's Included


- Local Guide and general guide 
- Walking Tour - Hiking up a volcano, easy to moderate hike
- Entrance Fee / Tickets All tickets and entrance fees
- Transportation - Round Trip - From designated meeting point
- Food -Small snack - Trail mix, bottle of water, juice and fruit.
- Volcanic cooked pizza - Small slice for each participant (extra up to you)


What's Not Included

- Extra Food - Not typically needed but if you are prone to hunger bring extra snacks
- Drinks - Alcoholic beverages, and extra water
- Tips for vendors, guides and drivers
- Horseback, sometimes there are horses that take people to the lookout points. This extra cost is not included. Q100 - Q150 per ride.
-Extra Pizza (up to you to purchase if you would like more)

Know before you go


- Weather dependent - Could be rescheduled due to volcanic activity or rainy season
- Difficulty Level -  Easy to Medium - not tough but moderate difficulty
- Special clothing required - Will get dirty - specially your socks
- Special clothing required - Athletic - bring hiking gear if you have, a good pair of shoes. If you wear shorts be careful as volcanic rocks are sharp!
- Bring personal water bottle so you can refill from the bottle provided
- This is not a rigorous hike but sometimes you can rent a hiking stick Q10 per stick
- Sometimes we can't get all the way to the top as it becomes a little dangerous
- We will be hiking Pacaya Volcano
- This is a Private RY experience
- A once in a lifetime experience as also eating a slice of volcanic cooked Pizza is a unique one!
-Minimum to operate: 10 people
-Maximum Capacity: 30 people
-Deadline to Book: 3 days prior or subject to Program Calendar


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    Really cool but overpriced

    Pacaya was the first volcano I'd ever seen and I LOVED it--it was a gorgeous climb and the pizza/smores in the vent was super cool. However, tons of other companies including Selina offer Pacaya tours for much less, so you may want to check those out too. And either way bring raingear--we got soaked on the way down.

    Maria Leonard Olsen

    The black, petrified lava fields of Pacaya Volcano are stunning! Roasted marshmallows over the heat & enjoyed the beautiful, otherworldly views. Fabulous pizza at Pacaya Pizza, by entrepreneur, @pizzapacayadedavid, who tested various spots until he found the right spot for a homemade pizza oven! His pizza is delicioso! Another crafty businessman made a "lava store" of pretty jewelry made from lava. The beautiful dogs who roam around will try to snatch your food, so watch out (though I think we all ended up giving them a bit because they were so cute)! Horse support available for hikers, which one of the vendors called “volcan Ubers.” We took a few breaks along the way, and I did not think this was a tough hike. Thank you, Remote Year, for another unforgettable experience.