Mexico City, Mexico

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing
Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing
Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing
Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing
Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing
Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing





Experience an ancient Mexican tradition.
Connect with yourself and raise your frequency.
Enjoy a guided ritual with meditation, sound healing, and the sacred cacao medicine.
Drink traditional cacao from the high planes of Chiapas.
Perfect experience to disconnect, reconnect, and relax.
Sound healing therapy. 


This experience will bring you to a deeper state of personal connection, presence, happiness, love, gratefulness, and connection, while keeping a subtle effect. Cacao stimulates the production of endorphins, which allows the human body to enjoy an increased state of wellness, helping it strive through physical and mental stress with much more ease.

Who This Experience Is Good For

Perfect for anyone who likes spiritual connection, sound baths, or simply enjoys live music. It is also great for those who want to disconnect, reconnect, and relax.

Meet Our Local Host 

Ricardo and his crew are the same group from the Tepoztlán Experience. They are passionate about sharing Mexican culture and traditions with visitors from all over the world. They have been hosting Cacao Ceremonies for several years and have a deep understanding and appreciation for this ancient Mexican tradition.


  • 4:00pm Experience starts.

  • Introduction and explanation of the Cacao Ceremony.

  • Guided meditation/breathing exercises.

  • Drinking the traditional medicine of cacao from the high planes of Chiapas.

  • Sound healing therapy.

  • 7:00pm Experience ends.

What’s Included?

  • Cacao drink.

  • Guided ritual.

  • Sound Healing Therapy.

What’s Not Included? 

  • Transport - A short taxi ride away, give yourself to arrive and settle before the experience starts.

  • It is not a food event, so participants should have a light meal before the ceremony.

Things You Should Know 

Minimum Needed: 10 people
Maximum Capacity: 30 people
Booking Deadline: 2 days before the event
Weather Dependent: No
Difficulty Level: Easy
Special Clothing Required: Comfortable clothes 
Special Dietary Restrictions: N/A However bring water
Ground Transportation: Not included
Additional Information: Meeting point will be supplied when experience is confirmed. 
Liabilities: The liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred by participants is not assumed by Remote Year or its affiliates.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Highly recommend!

This experience is amazing with absolutely beautiful music that has a wide variety of instruments. It's like going to a private concert with the most wonderful voices singing over you; so relaxing and soothing for the soul. Highly recommend!

Carly Russell
Just what I needed

This was the most relaxing, beautiful experience, AND we were able to learn about this ancient Mexican tradition, which I see as a win-win. Working full-time and traveling with RY can be a busy and sometimes overwhelming experience, and this was the best way to slow down.

Alejandra Osorno
A Healing Experience

I was feeling low energy and wasn't sure what the cacao ceremony would bring me. It brought me everything I needed and more. One must go, alone, for the sound healing. The women who sing throughout the ceremony will transport you to another dimension-- it's a calming experience that grounds you, connects you to yourself and to those around you. I am so happy that I attended because it was exactly what I needed. The cacao continued to work it's magic in the days to come leaving me with nothing but love and gratitude for my Mexico City family.