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Austin Texas River Rafting
Austin Texas River Rafting

Austin Texas River Rafting



- 4 Hour Day at San Marcos River - San Marcos, TX
- Experience one of the most prolific artesian springs in the world
- 1 Hour Inner-tube float down the San Marcos River
- 1 Hour at the San Marcos Waterfall
- Learn about the 8 endangered species that live in and around the river.
- Transportation for 30 passengers from  Austin Downtown City to San Marcos.

Remote Year Sit N’ Splash is a family fun day floating down the San Marcos River in San Marcos, TX. Note: Most of the activity takes place IN water. Participants will be given an inner tube and a waste collection bag.

Our guide will give us a brief introduction to the natural ecosystem, endangered species, and cultural significance of the site. Once we set sail on our inner tubes and begin our hour-long float down the river instruction will be given to participants to collect any waste they may see floating in the river (cans, plastic bottles, etc). Once we complete our float on the river we will be greeted by the San Marcos Waterfall. We’ll have time there to get to know each other and reminisce about RY times.   

We will grab lunch as a group (not included) at Ivar’s River Club for lunch, which is a well-known staple for years in San Marcos! . 

After lunch, attendees will take the bus back to the dropoff spot in Austin in which time the experience is over, but all are welcome to continue hanging out on their own! 

Who This Trip Is Good For 
This event is family-oriented with a splash of adventure and environmental impact. This participant likes being around people, and nature and has a passion for environmental conservation. Please beware that participants must be able to get in and out of an innertube on their own, and be able to swim. This activity is not recommended for anyone who is not mobile or has any trouble with balance or walking.

Difficulty Level
Easy - Must be able to walk short distances and carry items including: Inner tubes, cooler, and refreshments.  Not for handicapped persons. 

Every participant will meet at Krieg Fields  (517 S. Pleasant Valley Road, Austin, TX 78741) at 9:30am and park their cars in the free parking area.  Participants will file into the bus and we will depart for San Marcos River at 10am.  While on the bus participants will receive a safety debrief and rundown on how the day will go.  RY Ambassador Theresa will then give an RY Update and speak to RY Nation members and guests.  Arrive at San Marcos River in San Marcos, TX at 11:00 am where we will be met by RY Ambassador Daniel G. who will distribute the inner tubes as well as the receptacle bags.  There will be areas for changing into bathing suites.  Once everyone is prepared we will all go into the river.  The float takes about an hour to complete.  Along the river float, if you see any floating debris in the water around or near you, deposit it into your receptacle.  After the one-hour float down the river, we will arrive at the San Marcos Waterfall where we will have photo opportunities and the chance to eat at the Ivars Rivers Club. This is also where participants will return their inner tubes and waste receptacles.   Lunch will take an hour, then the event will end shortly after.   The bus will then meet us at the Ivars River Club restaurant and transport people back to Krieg Fields in Austin, TX. 

What's Included
- Transportation from downtown Austin to San Marcos
- Transportation from San Marcos back to Austin
- Inner tubes
- Waste receptacle bags
- Water
- Gatorade
- Post-event photos

What's Not Included
- Lunch
-$10 transportation fee

Know Before You Go 
- NOTE: You will be able to leave your belongings on the bus, such as dry clothes, towel, phones, keys, and other important things you don’t want at the bottom of the river :)

- Minimum Needed To Operate: No Minimum
- Maximum Capacity: First 20 people to RSVP will receive a free inner tube rental. 
- Transportation: All Participants must pay $10 for transportation. Bus capacity 30 ppl - $10 each person
- Deadline To Book: Friday August 10, 2022

What To Bring
- Water friendly shoes - what we mean is any shoes you don’t mind getting fully submerged in water. Ideally waters hoes or any sort of sandals that are attached to your feet. Many flip flops have been lost along this river. We do not suggest going barefoot due to the tough terrain. 

- Towel - we’ll be getting wet!
- Change of clothes - we suggest wearing your bathing suit TO the event and then changing after for comfort, especially if you want to join for lunch at the restaurant
- Small plastic bag - if you do bring a change of clothes, you’ll need somewhere to put your wet stuff after!
- Waterproof case or container - WE HIGHLY SUGGEST that you leave any valuables in the car. Even a waterproof phone may sink and be lost in the river forever. But if you feel you NEED your things with you while on the inner tube, you’ll need something waterproof/floating to hold your things.
- Sunscreen - You’ll be partially in water for the whole float and will likely need to reapply sunscreen multiple times

- Sunglasses - We suggest bringing a pair you don’t care too much about, because, you guessed it, they might get lost in the river !
- Alcohol - if you choose to bring a few adult beverages, definitely only bring canned items!! ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS allowed on the river. And remember to drink responsibly :)


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