9 days in the
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(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania
(NEW) 9 Days in Albania

(NEW) 9 Days in Albania



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Looking for something more than your average walking trip?! Based on demand from RY Members, this is for those who love a physical challenge in unforgettable scenery.An opportunity to summit three of the Accursed Mountains peaks, experience unique culture and fueled by local flavors. All of this, within the incredible, less visited Albanian Alps as your backdrop. With 7 days of hiking (3 of those 10+ hours), there are no shortcuts on this trip making it unlike anything else you’ll find. This is truly for those with an adventurous spirit.




On arrival at the airport, you will be greeted by your local guide and transferred to your hotel in Tirana.In the evening you will be invited to an included traditional dinner where you will get to meet your fellow explorers and the team guiding you over the next week.

INLCUDED: Arrival transfer, Dinner in Tirana, 3* Hotel

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After breakfast, you will leave Tirana, and head north to Komani Lake Harbour. Decompress on a breathtaking boat ride through Lumi Shales River. After exploration and a dip, settle into a riverside guesthouse. In the afternoon, set off on a 2-hour hike to the Lumi Shales Balcony for stunning views of the surrounding valley. End the day with dinner at the guesthouse and free time to enjoy a late-night swim under the stars.

Breakfast, Dinner, Boat tour of Lumi Shales 2-hour out-and-back hike up to the Lumi Shales viewpoint. All transport, Guest House at Lumi Shales.



Start with breakfast at the guesthouse and then cruise down Lumi Shales River into Lake Koman, taking a break to cool off with a swim. We’ll then get to Fierze Village, and take local transport to Valbone Valley. Arrive in Valbone in the early afternoon, check into the guesthouse, and enjoy some downtime. Later, we have a 3-hour round-trip hike to the panoramic view of Valbone on offer! Following dinner at the guesthouse, we’ll have an opportunity to enjoy some stargazing from a local viewpoint.

INCLUDED: Breakfast, Dinner. 
Boat tour of Komani Lake3-hour out-and-back trek up to the Valbone Valley viewpoint. All transport. Guesthouse in Valbone Valley

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After a hearty breakfast, and packing your lunch, at the early hour of 6 am, we set off on a challenging 10-hour hike to Maja e Rosit, scaling heights of up to 2500m. This 19.5-km out-and-back trail near Tropojë, Kukës, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and popular among birding and hiking enthusiasts. The challenging route, averaging around 9 hours and 30 minutes to complete, promises an unforgettable day, ending with a well-deserved, satisfying dinner at the guesthouse.

INCLUDED: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. 
10-hour out-and-back climb up to Rosit Mountain Peak. Guesthouse in Valbone Valley



Begin the day with a nutritious breakfast, and don't forget your packed lunch. We start the 10-hour trek to Maja e Boshit at 6 am, reaching a peak elevation of 2400m. The trail, part of the Accursed Mountains, offers challenging but rewarding terrain, with stunning views of Theth Valley, Valbone Valley, and the Valley of Curraj i Epërm. Starting at Valbona Valley National Park, conclude your day with a well-deserved dinner at the guesthouse, reflecting on the triumphs of a fulfilling day immersed in Albania's natural beauty.

INCLUDED: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
10-hour out-and-back climb up to Boshit Mountain Peak. 
Guesthouse in Valbone Valley

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Just when you thought it couldn't get any more challenging, yet rewarding, we'll embark on an early 5:30 am start for a demanding 12-hour trek to Jezerce, the second-highest peak in Albania and the pinnacle of the Accursed Mountains at 2700m elevation. As the highest peak in the Dinaric Alps and the sixth highest in Southeast Europe, Jezerce stands at 2,694 m, offering awe-inspiring views. Conclude your challenging ascent with a fulfilling dinner at the guesthouse, capping off a day that showcases the indomitable beauty and formidable terrain of the Albanian Alps.

INCLUDED: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
12-hour out-and-back climb up to Jezerce Mountain Peak.
Guesthouse in Valbone Valley




It’s the final stretch of this memorable and rewarding experience! Embark on a 7-hour hike from Valbona to Thethi after breakfast at the guesthouse, exploring the Valbone Neck and Rock along the way. Enjoy a packed lunch during the journey. Following the hike, we will check into our guesthouse in Thethi Valley and take time to rest and explore the village, including visits to the Church and Ngujimi Tower. A 1-hour hike to Grunasi Fall awaits. Conclude your day with a dinner featuring traditional cuisine, a fitting end to a day filled with nature, culture, and local flavors. We’ll gather around the campfire and reminisce on the challenges and memories we just experienced the past 4 days.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
7-hour one-way hike from Valbone Valley to Theth Valley along the Valbone Pass2-hour out-and-back trek to Grunasi Waterfall.
Guesthouse in Theth.

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It’s finally time to wind down, we’ll start our day with breakfast at the guesthouse before exploring the captivating Blue Eye of Theth and visiting the Ndelyse village. Embark on a 1-hour 30-minute return hike to the Blue Eye, immersing in nature's beauty. Finally, return to Tirana and check into your hotel for a well-deserved rest Concluding a week of rewarding mountaineering challenges

2-hour out-and-back trek to explore the Blue Eye of Theth. 
Private transport from Theth to Tirana.
3* Hotel.




Today we wrap up an exciting week of adventures, enjoy breakfast at your accommodation, and start bragging about the unique stories you collected through the Balkan Alps. Our staff on the ground will be happy to help coordinate transportation to Tirana International Airport via private transfer, typically $15-$20.

INCLUDED: Breakfast.

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Local Collaboration

We work exclusively with local partners, ensuring a greater share of revenue supports the community and promotes sustainable livelihoods in Tirana and Albania.

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More than 90% of the cost goes directly into the local economy in Albania, fostering growth and development within these families and local projects.

Community Empowerment

You actively contribute to the well-being of our partners' families, friends, and communities, driving positive change.

Sustainable Transportation

This adventure encourages the use of public transportation to minimize carbon emissions and promote eco-friendly travel. We do a lot of walking on this trip when possible.


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Offers an educational component, fostering a deeper understanding of sustainable practices


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You'll gain insight into the local environment and our collective impact, inspiring conscious travel and responsible decision-making.

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