Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Santa Teresa is a chill beach town located on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. A small town with a big personality, Santa Teresa may have a laid back atmosphere, but it is filled with exciting things to do, see, eat and explore. 

It was a great experience with a cool cross-section of people from a bunch of different RY programs. Venue was amazing, activities were fun, people were dope, workspace was on point... what more could you want?

The beauty of the property compared to how much we paid -- it seemed like a great deal! And the rooms were nice and the views scenic. Plus there were more group activities than I expected

Costa Rica was a great group, with really fun activities in a beautiful setting that felt like good value for the money we paid.

The accommodation was great, better than expected. The way everyone was so into the laid-back beach life, rather than big city living and stressing over little things which could happen a lot on our program.

How mf amazing the costa rica villa was!!! Workspace was super convenient, flawless wifi. and being able to actually make friends in 1 month was not expected but we did


The house in general (or compound) was incredible. I never expected to have such an amazing place.

Room Options & Pricing

Private Room
w/ Private Bath

Five spots available each week
Add a guest for $100/week

Private Room
w/ Shared Bath 

Seven spots available each week
Add a guest for $100/week

Big Shared Room
w/ Shared Bath

Two spots available each week
Guests not possible in Shared Room

Normal Shared Room
w/ Shared Bath

Two spots available each week
Guests not possible in Shared Room

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MARCH 1 — APRIL 5, 2020

This Citizen House is composed of multiple houses all located on the same beautiful property, with houses ranging from 2-5 bedrooms. Each guest will have access to the two property pools and all common areas.


March 1—8



March 8—15



March 15-22



March 22—29



March 29 - April 5


Add a Guest to Private Rooms for $100/week

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Week 1 | March 1-8
Week 2 | March 8-15 Week 3 | March 15-22Week 4 | March 22-29 Week 5 | March 29-April 5
Private / PrivateHunter P (Meraki)Hunter P (Meraki)Hunter P (Meraki)Hunter P (Meraki)Hunter P (Meraki)
Private / PrivateZenia (Kairos) +1Natasha S (Mangata)Natasha S (Mangata)Natasha S (Mangata)Natasha S (Mangata)
Private / PrivateJames B (Meraki)James B (Meraki)James B (Meraki)James B (Meraki)James B (Meraki)
Private / PrivateDeb S (Balboa)Stacey T (Shoshin)Stacey T (Shoshin)
Private / PrivateNathan L (Ikigai)Nathan L (Ikigai)Nathan L (Ikigai)Conrad (Pachamama) + 1Nathan L (Ikigai)
Private / SharedNicole H (Kairos)Nicole H (Kairos)Nicole H (Kairos)Nicole H (Kairos)Nicole H (Kairos)
Private / SharedMolly E (Meraki)Nathan L (Ikigai)Samantha E (Ohana)
Private / SharedPaul P (Magellan)Paul P (Magellan)Paul P (Magellan)Paul P (Magellan)Paul P (Magellan)
Private / SharedAnu V (Ikigai)
Private / SharedHolly B (Ohana)
Private / Shared
Private / Shared
B Shared / SharedTim C (Ohana)Tim C (Ohana)
B Shared / SharedSuruchi P (Ohana)Suruchi P (Ohana)
N Shared / SharedJanice E (Excelsior)
N Shared / SharedJackie G (Excelsior)