Onboarding Timeline

Your Onboarding timeline may be more slowly paced or super accelerated, depending on how far away your Arrival Day is. Take a look below at the general structure of your Onboarding journey. 

Upon your initial payment...

You now have your own dedicated Onboarding Team who you can chat with via destinationsupport@remoteyear.com.

Get access to this Destination Hub and start exploring the wide variety of prep resources.

At least two months before Arrival Day...

You'll start receiving Premote Prep email with suggested items to check off your to-do list, like visa and passport logistics or medical precautions

A few weeks before Arrival Day...

Sign on to Remote Nation Slack and virtually get to know your community. Access to other channel?

Meet your fellow travelers on your Program’s Webinar webinar & learn more about Remote Year programming and experiences.

Get access to some exciting Experiences & Side Trips on the RY marketplace!

The Onboarding Team hands off most communications to your Program Leader, and you bid a bittersweet farewell to destinationsupport@remoteyear.com.

One week before Arrival Day...

Mark your first Remote Year address in Google Maps after you receive the details of your new home, including the exact location and the names of your flatmate(s).

Submitting your preferences for Local Experience Track events