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The Onboarding phase of this journey is the period of time after you’ve made your initial down payment, and before your Remote Year program has launched.

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What are the dates of my program?
Will someone be waiting for me at the airport on arrival day?
Can you tell me more about the accommodations? Can I live alone?
When will I receive information about where I'm living?
When and how do I book Remote Year experiences, like Track Events and Side Trips?
Do I need a visa for the countries in my itinerary?
Can I host visitors while I’m on Remote Year?
When will I receive my first bill for my Remote Year program?
I'm not sure where to start with preparing for Remote Year—help!
I still have questions about my Remote Year. Where can I find answers or support?
It’s all going to be so incredible!
Remote Year provides a totally seamless platform to work / travel the world.
Remote Year will make this experience incredible for you!
Remote Year is cheaper than your life in NYC.
Remote Year will sort out all of the visas to the countries in my itineraries.
My accommodation will be 100% impeccable and nothing will ever go wrong.
My Program Leader will organize absolutely everything for me!

Spend some time planning your Remote Year budget, ensuring you have the proper credit and debit / ATM cards for your travels and downloading finance apps that will be helpful to you on the road. Remote Year is not an expert in these areas and does not intend for this to be misconstrued as financial advice.

Credit Cards
Debit / ATM Cards
Back Up Cards
Remote Favorites
Finance Apps

It is extremely important to asses your needs in terms of health-related factors of traveling. Remote Year cannot advise on your personal medical needs, but we've linked some helpful information below medical precautions. Our number one tip? Visit a travel clinic and / or consult with your doctor!

🇯🇵 Is your Remote Year itinerary going to Japan? Japan has strict rules about medicine—if you are traveling with medicine we strongly urge you to do your research prior to leaving. This is a short compilation of information that has been found regarding bringing medicine into Japan.

Travel Insurance
International SOS

Each Remote is responsible for securing their own visas for each destination on their itinerary. Due to the fact that we aren't immigration professionals, and the constantly evolving nature of visa / immigration regulations, it is not possible for Remote Year to advise on the visa process. Nothing below should be construed as visa advice, immigration advice, or legal advice rendered by Remote Year or anyone employed by or associate with Remote Year.

Remote Year Visa Partners
Where can I find my entry and exit dates for my itinerary?
Can RY provide proof of accommodation and flight itinerary for my visa application?
Should I obtain a tourist or work visa?

Think about what you need and what you'll use throughout your travels as you pack for your Remote Year. It's normal for your packing list to be a bit different than other Remotes on your program. Packing light is an art—you'll learn...eventually.

Packing 101
Luggage Policies
Luggage Options

Staying connected throughout your travels is a necessity, but where do you start? Sorting out your phone and computer should be top of mind, and then move on to our guide about other tech accessories!

Adapter / Converter
External Battery Pack
VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Arrival Dates
How do I arrange travel for my first city?
Will someone be waiting for me at the airport?
I can't arrive on Arrival Day, what should I do?
Will I need to show proof of onward travel since I booked a one way ticket?
What can I expect for the size of my Remote Year community?
When do I meet my Remote Year community?
Will there be other people traveling with our community?
What is the demographic breakdown of the people with whom I’m traveling?
What is it like to travel as a couple on Remote Year?
Does everyone on my Remote Year program have a full-time job?
Can I host visitors while I’m on Remote Year?
Is there a community leader?
Is there other community support in Remote Year cities?

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Refer a friend, colleague or family member who you think would make a great Remote. You'll each get a $200 thank you gift when they join a program.

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