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Gift Cards ➔

Give a loved one the special gift of experience.

Travel Services ➔

Group flight bookings, transition trips and self-serve booking tool.

Swag Store ➔

Kit yourself out with fresh RY hoodies, tanks, tees, totes and more.

Spanish Curriculum ➔

Spanish lessons designed for your journey through Latin America.

Where's your next adventure?

Our cities have become the beloved homes to 2500+ Remotes and Citizens across the Nation. We welcome you to these homes around the world to explore what they have to offer and we look forward to your visit in each of these cities to experience why many members of the Nation keep coming back!







Mexico City








Cape Town

South Africa



Chiang Mai




Kuala Lumpur




Where's RY? 

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The Side Trips you'll have FOMO about

Our Side Trips allow you to explore unique and inspiring destinations around the world outside RY cities.

Local Experience favorites around the world

Dive deeper into each city with these Local Experiences that will help you see, taste and feel like a local.

Check out the new categories for Amenities and Services

Every month you'll land in a new city with new people, cultures, and customs. While there is so much joy in these new experiences it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. To help you ease into these new environments, we put together a few simple Amenities and Services curated to support a more comfortable transition. 

Welcome Home

Looking for your first real taste of the city? Want to arrive to your new home with the basic supplies ready to go? These offerings will help make that simple.

Stay Connected

Connectivity is a key to productivity while traveling. Make use of a Sim Card or Mobile Hotspot to stay connected in each city, on Side Trips and on the go!

Move Around

Getting from point A to B is no longer an involuntary reaction. Book a bike for the month or get access to our cities unique transportation networks.

Stay Fit

Healthy body, healthy mind. Well, at least we can try. Opt in for the classic gym, find a new yoga class, or sweat it out with some intense circuit training.

Treat Yourself

Don't forget about YOU. Whether its #selfcaremonday or any other day of the week, take advantage of some self-loving delights.

Our Remote Year Standard

Providing Fair Customer Value

We choose to work with vendors who pay their employees ethically and abide by local laws and regulations of their country. Our pricing / quality reflect this value. 

Ethics And Sustainability

We're committed to partnering with vendors who meet our vision to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable and ethical tourism in their cities.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We aspire to drive genuine human connections and unlock stories and experiences that celebrate the diversity of the places that welcome us into their home.

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