Each month on a RY program, you can opt into Core Experiences. Included are one weekday and one weekend. Additionally, you can purchase extra seats if you want to experience all the city has to offer or you can buy for your family / friends to experience the city with you. 

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For you to experience more of the city and/or for friends or family to experience the city with you. 




Witchcraft and Flower Market are the most iconic markets in CDMX. We will walk through the aisles and learn about the different beliefs of the Mexican population, eat some local food, cleanse your spirits and finish the day with Tarot cards at a beautiful terrace in the center of the city. 

Duration | 7 hours

Time | 10am- 4pm (typically)

Good for | Anyone who likes to adventure and is curious about witchcraft or flowers.


Does the name Frida Kahlo ring a bell? Do you like charming neighborhoods with historic backgrounds and great food? Want to see another magical side of Mexico City? If so, this Track is exactly for you! 

Duration | 3 hours

Time | 3pm- 6pm (typically)

Good for | Anyone who likes history, art and culture while exploring. 



Las trajineras de Xochimilco are what remains of the historic chinampas with which Mexico City was developed back in Aztec times. This track is the perfect mix between Mexican culture and fun! Enjoy a ride on a Mexican boat in what is left of the original Valley with Mariachi, quesadillas and more. 

Duration | 8 hours

Time | 9am- 5pm (typically)

Good for | Anyone who wants a less physically active day filled with drinks, mariachi's and Mexican fun.


Tepoztlán is a magical place full of good vibes. The day will be balanced with a hike and temazcal, one of the ancient Mexican traditions to reset yourself. Spiritual and human development is involved. Enjoy the ride and the delicious food. 

Duration | 11 hours

Time | 8am- 7pm (typically)

Good for | Anyone who wants a good workout at a medium difficulty, explore a new area and go deeper within yourself to experience something new. Moderate physical fitness is required.