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“Embrace it! Bogota has so much to office - history, street art, neighborhoods, ALL the shopping, food, outdoor activities. Do as many tours and activities as you can while in Bogota - you won't regret it."


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Meet the City Team

Catalina was born in Bucaramanga, a cool city full of amazing landscapes surrounded by the chicamocha canyon. Her background is on communications and marketing. Since she was a kid her passion is to dance, and she still have the latina moves that you will watch her dancing at the nightclub. She is a sweet girl, with tons of energy and a good listener! Looking for cool beaches in Colombia? Ask her.

slack: @Catalina.arenas

Born and raised in Medellin Juan is a passionate paisa, (the word for people or things from Medellin). Being very much in love with his country and the Colombian culture. He is extremely eager to show it to future Remotes and to the world. Juan loves speaking different languages and learning from different cultures and he can't wait to start sharing with you what an amazing city this is.

slack: @JuanSalazar

Remote Tips

"Make sure you get out of the city and go on as many of the hikes as you can...they are all incredible!"— Libertatem

“Go to La Candelaria more than once. Take an afternoon there to simply walk around, eat, see the street art and people watch. Go hiking in Chicaque — it is a magical place. And enjoy the nightlife! If you’re into electronic music this place is a mecca."— Aurora

“Good month to cook comfort food for yourself - Parque Virrey is awesome for running, and streets are closed on Sundays for Ciclovia - get some altitude training in."— Kaizen

“There is something that i love about being in a city that is less touristy and Bogotá was one of those places. It is a place that can make you feel like you are living in a place versus being a tourist in a place." — Veritas

“Use this month as an opportunity to get in shape. Lots of parks, running trails and awesome gyms. Beautiful scenery and the altitude will whip you into shape!."— Meraki