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Antigua, Guatemala

Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)

Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)

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Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)
Sumpango Kite Festival - (Nov)



- A once in a lifetime experience in Guatemala, 'All Saints Days'-  are Nov, 1st and 2nd.
- A once a year festivity, very local and a feast for the eyes
- Seeing huge kites that are 6-10 meters in diameter
- A very local and quite surreal experience, where else can you see these massive kites in the world? A true highlight of the year!



Meet up at the designated meet point (info on hub event). Get greeted by local guide and expert in culture, board the vans and travel for about an hour and a half to Sumpango. Upon arrival we will leave the van in a parking lot and head out to where the massive kite festival is being held. Sometimes the same massive parking lot where we leave the van is where the event is held. If not we walk to the nearby football field or cemetery to check out this amazing once a year all saints day event. 

We are at the location for about 3-4 hours, depending on the crowds and ambience sometimes we leave after 2 hours, as crowds get quite big. Also the aim of the event is to check out these massive kites, take in as much of the culture and leave with memories and leave only footprints.

We do not have an area for food or restaurants, this is a 100% local area and festivity so if you plan to join, take into consideration that there are only local stores to buy snacks.

Who this experience is good for

- Any one who wants to do something really out of the norm
- Folks who love markets, culture and festivities
- People who like local fairs
- Any one who wants to do an experience of the bucket list!

 Meet our local host

Sumpango Kite Festival is our host! Accompanied by our local guide expert, and drivers. Sumpango is world famous for its ornamental kites and some actually do fly for minutes at a time. These are huge kites representing the link with our ancestors, similar to prayer flags  used in the Asia, we make massive kites for 'All Saints Day' a true feast for the senses.



Meet up at the designated point (details on Hub event) and travel for about 1 hour and a half, depending on traffic this could take up to 2.5 hours. Upon arrival we will check out where the festival is being held and head out by foot to the area. Sometimes the festivities are held right at the main parking lot of Sumpango if not at a nearby field or cemetery. The aim is to get as much pictures and overall enjoy the festivities for a couple of hours and head back to Antigua. We have a local guide and expert to give us great insight of this once a year festival. Due to the fact is a very local town, there are no options for food that we trust, so we take in as much as we can from the festival and head back to Antigua, dropped off at a central area we can have lunch afterwards (not included).


 Whats included

- Roundtrip transport to Sumpango 
- Local guide 

What's Not Included

- Food / lunch or snacks
- Drinks / beverages
- Extra food or drink

Know before you go

- A once in a lifetime experience! As no other Central American Country have this festivity for 'All Saints Day' 
- Wear a comfy pair of shoes Bring a jacket or sweatshirt for the cool mountain breeze and also be prepared for loads of sun as there is no shade around the festival grounds, so sun protection, is a must.
- If you get hungry frequently bring some snacks or spare change to buy some at the local stores, also if you like souvenir shopping there are always cool things to buy. But be aware that this is not a touristy place so do not bring any flashy jewellery or credit cards. 
-Bring cash, minimum Q300 so you can buy a snack
-Bring snacks just in case there is nothing you can buy that fits your dietary needs  
- Minimum to operate: 10 people
- Maximum: 30 people
- Deadline to book: 25th of November, so we can reserve the van and guide



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Super Insightful

Three parts that were all incredible in their own ways.

1. Getting to visit the cemetario during this festival was awesome. You got to see just how community centric society is and it was a beautiful way to get to see how people give respect to their ancestors and spend time together.
2. The kites were incredible. I loved getting to see how all these massive kites were put together and how some of the smaller ones would fly. We got to fly some of our own kites as well.
3. Loved the streetfood. Feel like it's a great way to try some new foods and get an idea of the flavor profile.


Absolutely amazed by the amount of effort and artistic skills that goes into making such beautiful kites.
I loved that so many people turned up for an amazing once in a year experience
I definitely recommend the day