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Antigua, Guatemala

Maya Heritage and Traditions

Maya Heritage and Traditions

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Maya Heritage and Traditions
Maya Heritage and Traditions
Maya Heritage and Traditions
Maya Heritage and Traditions
Maya Heritage and Traditions
Maya Heritage and Traditions
Maya Heritage and Traditions
Maya Heritage and Traditions
Maya Heritage and Traditions
Maya Heritage and Traditions
Maya Heritage and Traditions
Maya Heritage and Traditions



-Experiencing an ancient culture still present today, labelled 'Pagan' in most other countries in the world
-Going to non touristic place 
-A true Maya meets contemporary God experience
-Walking in nature at an ancient Maya site
-Having a traditional lunch on the way
-Travelling outside of Antigua visiting 2 different towns



Visiting Maya Ruins and Present Day Maya culture, we depart early from Antigua on route to San Andres Itzapa, just 35 mins away from Antigua. We arrive to a surreal parking lot and Shrine for San Simon. Upon arrival to this magical place you will see the present day cosmovision of Maya Shamans doing ""limpias"" 'cleansing' and offerings to San Simon, a modern version of Maximon the Maya Deity from lake Atitlan. We leave a puro and light a candle and have a small ""limpia"" before visiting the Famous San Simon Shrine where the walls are full of offerings of gratitude to San Simon form all over latin America. a true 'Pagan' God in the eyes of the conquista and present day we will label this as taboo. A surreal and magical experience that is not the beaten path.

After this we get back on the bus and travel for 1 hour to our lunch stop. We will enjoy a great 'Churrasco' Traditional lunch in Tecpan region famous for its cheeses and meats. Onwards to Iximche 40 mins away from our lunch stop, we arrive to one of the first Capitals of the Maya Kakchiquel. A beautiful grassland setting with great breeze and peaceful atmosphere where you will walk through the ancient ruins of this amazing place, guided by our local expert that travels with us all the way.

After this experience we head back to Antigua, 1.15 hrs away. We then get dropped off at our meeting point or Central Park.

The highlight of this experience is going to a non touristic Maya Shrine seeing ancient rituals. Enjoying a great lunch together on route to an ancient maya Site, and walking around the grasslands at Iximche with a refreshing and peaceful atmosphere.


 Who this experience is good for

-Anyone interested in the spiritual side of the contemporary indigenous Maya society
-People open to experiencing a labelled 'Pagan' Ritual site
-Folks who love non touristic places and out of the norm experiences
-People who like ancient past and ruins


 Meet our local host

We have an amazing set of guides depending on availability one of them will guide us throughout the whole experience, and will travel with the group from Antigua. These are specialised general Guides for the whole country with more insight and knowledge of every aspect of past and present Guatemala and 100% bilingual for you to enjoy all the info and understand a little of our culture. 



Upon meeting the local guide at the designated meet point (details on hub event), you will travel by van for about 35 mins to the 'San Simon Shrine', after experiencing this surreal setting you get back on the same van and head to a local restaurant for lunch, this is included and ask your guide to help you place your order, or if you have dietary restrictions now is the time to let them know for your lunch option. After lunch we continue to Iximche Maya site where you will have a guided tour of the ruins and also some time to relax in the garden setting. We head back to Antigua about an hour and 15 mins away and get dropped off at Central Park or Central area in the city.


Whats included

-Round trip transport from Antigua
-Entrance fee to Iximche
-Guide during the whole experience
-Traditional lunch


    Whats not included

    -Extra souvenirs if you would like to leave an offering for San Simon
    -Alcoholic beverages during lunch or extra meals and snacks
    -Water or extra drinks

    Know before you go

    -The area where you visit San Simon, is a very traditional local place, this is viewed still as a 'Pagan' Ritual Shrine, quite taboo for most religions and carries a dense energy of past and present religious syncretism.
    -Quite a unique experience not for the faint hearted, sometimes intense as they do sacrifice chickens depending on the ritual. 
    -A very authentic Maya contemporary shrine. Paying respects to a mix of Catholic and Maya beliefs through a deity / statue of a spanish looking man which the locals believe to have a lot of supernatural powers.
    -If you do not like to be out of your comfort zone this experience is not for you
    -Minimum to operate: 9 people
    -Maximum Capacity: 30 people
    -Deadline to book: 3 days prior to the Experience



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Fun and Educational Day

    This was even better than I anticipated. Samuel is a very knowledgeable and friendly guide. The day was structured perfectly too. It was a beautiful drive. The start with the Mayan offerings was really fascinating. The Iximchee ruins were beautiful and really interesting, even after going to Tikal! Finishing with a great lunch that allowed us all to discuss the day was perfect.

    Maria Leonard Olsen
    Fantastic, Almost Mystical Experience

    The energy at San Simon was intense. Felt lightened by the shaman ritual at this pagan site. Have never before seen a chicken sacrifice and it was something to behold. Ancient rituals with contemporary local elements. Our guide, Sammy, was excellent. So generous with his time, explanations and kind spirit. Sammy’s explanations about the Mayan ruins brought them to life for me. This was a beautiful learning experience that I will not soon forget.

    Great experience the guide was very knowledgeable.

    Great experience the guide was very knowledgeable. Its special interesting if you dont know much about Mayan culture and shamans. Lunch was delicious!

    Eddie Jones
    Do not miss this!

    Seriously, do not miss this. When we travel, we are always looking for that golden opportunity to interact on a level that we feel like we can disappear as tourists. Like we shape shift in to the body of a local person so that we can experience something through their eyes. (or at least I do)

    This is that opportunity. Not because you morph in to a beautiful Guatemalan person, but because lovely local Guatemalan people going about their daily lives invite you to be a part of it with no other pretense.

    Enjoy yourself, learn something new, put the phone down and experience it.

    An eye opening Mayan cultural experience!

    This will be one of the most eye opening cultural experiences you may ever do. Witnessing first hand how the Mayan people express both positive and negative energy is unlike anything you've ever seen. I truly appreciated today as it pushed my boundaries while helping me realize everyone in this world is unique!

    Thx RY!!