Citizen Global Access


Full RY Platform

Leave the planning to us — this package covers accommodation, workspace, two Track events, community events, staff support and a 10% discount on all local marketplace offerings.

Live + Connect

This is for our cafe lovers—this package includes accommodation, two Track events, community events, staff support and a 10% discount on all local marketplace offerings.

Work + Connect

Airbnb addicts unite—this package includes workspace, two Track events, community events, staff support and a 10% discount on all local marketplace offerings.


Come hang with us!—Connect package includes two Track events, community events, staff support and a 10% discount on all local marketplace offerings.





What happens after I book Global Access?
After you book a Global Access package, you will be added to the program channel on Slack for the program you'll be joining. Your main point of contact will be the City Team in that city. 

Will I be able to book a 1-bedroom upgrade if I want to live alone?
If you book at least 30 days in advance, we can guarantee you will have the option to upgrade to a 1-bedroom apartment. Prices will vary but so far these have ranged from $500-$650 extra per month

What is the refund / change policy?
You can cancel and receive a refund up to 45 days in advance. If you book any global access within 45 days, we cannot guarantee a refund if you cancel. If for whatever reason your global access month cannot take place due to travel/COVID restrictions, you will receive a refund.

Can I bring along my friend or significant other if they aren’t a Citizen?
Sure! If you’re coming as a couple with your partner, we’ll apply a couples discount to your pricing. Bringing your BFF is also an option, just let us know in your inquiry that you’re planning to have a +1.

I no longer have the option to work remotely and travel, can I still participate in Citizenship?
Yep, you can join us for shorter periods of time through our “Work + Connect” or “Connect” packages, depending on your needs and preferences. 

Can I use Citizen offerings in a Remote Year city when there is no active RY group there?
While we can’t always offer this, some months we will have select packages available for Citizens, even if there is no RY program in town. Keep in mind when this is the case, there will likely be no events planned.

What if I’m in a Remote Year city but not paying for any of the Citizen offerings?
You’re welcome to pop into a community’s Slack channel to say hello if you know they’re also in town. Make some new friends or post about a local event you might be attending. However, using any piece of the Remote Year platform, like the workspace or RY events + experiences, requires your formal commitment by paying for your desired Citizen package.

What is it like to be a Citizen traveling with a different RY community?
You can make your experience whatever you wish! You can do your own thing, pop in and out of the community when you please or fully immerse yourself with the new connections that await. We’ve heard from Remotes and Program Leaders alike that Citizens are always a welcome addition. Reach out to your Citizen friends who’ve spent some quality time with other RY crews and hear their stories for yourself!

Will I have flatmates while I travel as an RY Citizen?
Typically, yes, that piece will be similar to your experience on your original Remote Year program, and also depends on the style and setup of housing in the city you choose. Let us know what is important to you in a living space—we will always do our best to find the best match for you. If you prefer to live alone, we offer one bedroom upgrades in most cities.

How do I sync up my travel with other Citizens?
Once your Remote Year program ends, you’ll receive an invite to the private #citizens channel on Slack. There, you can post your travel plans, get a thread started to discuss your next destination or chat about one of your bucket list events you want to cross off (Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, anyone?) Also, you can always submit an inquiry with your ideal timing and we can suggest a few destinations where Citizens will likely be hanging out.

Is anyone not eligible to take advantage of Citizen offerings?
Yes. Citizens must be in good standing, and this status is up to the discretion of Remote Year. An individual may not be in good standing if he / she has failed to pay for a completed service or if he / she has violated Remote Year’s Code of Conduct and / or breached Remote Year’s Terms & Conditions.