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Single Apartment Cleaning

Single Apartment Cleaning

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Single Apartment Cleaning
Single Apartment Cleaning


1-time extra apartment cleaning (No Bed Set Changed). Do you want your room to be cleaned? We have that service ready for you! The cleaning can be done on the agreed date and time. The duration is initially set for 1 to 2 hours per room. However, this totally depends on the cleanliness of each room, so it may take less or more time accordingly. All the cleaning supply used in the service will be brought by the cleaner.

What's Included
- General room cleaning, floor dusting, kitchen counter cleaning

- Bathroom floor, sink and toilet cleaning
- Balcony dusting

What's Not Included
- Change of beddings

- Change of towel(s)
- Change of dish towel
- Change of bath mat
- Washing the dishes
- Toilet paper nor toiletries

Things You Should Know
- After purchasing, please contact the City Manager to set date and time for cleaning that fit your schedule.

- Must be ordered in advance
- The floor is highly sensitive to water and easily damaged by water as well. The cost to fix is very expensive. 
- While cleaning, your belongings might be moved/rearranged from its original place for the cleaner to be able to do the cleaning. 
- You do not need to be present at the room when the cleaning is happening. 
- When it is time to clean as stated in the order you have purchased, the cleaner will knock on the door 3 times to let you know that they will come in. After that they will let themselves in, so please be informed about this.
- Some rooms have manual lock. If you use the manual lock inside the room preventing the cleaner from getting into your room when it is your cleaning time, the cleaner will leave. There will be no refund if this happens and if you want another cleaning, you must purchase it again.
- You are not allowed to change the date and time slot of cleaning service after purchasing, so please plan before ordering the service. 

1 week in advance



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