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Tango Masterclass

Tango Masterclass

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Tango Masterclass
Tango Masterclass
Tango Masterclass
Tango Masterclass
Tango Masterclass
Tango Masterclass
Tango Masterclass
Tango Masterclass



-Understanding Tango through the dance.

-A unique and authentic experience.

-Communication and artistic expression.

- Private masterclass.


This is a private master class for one or two people. Date and time needs to be coordinated beforehand with your City Team!

Are you ready for the real Argentine challenge? Tango is one of the most beautiful dances in the world. Is it difficult? Yes! Is it impossible? Not at all!

Not many locals do tango, but once we accept the challenge and we get involved in the music, dance and meaning we love it. 

This is more than a lesson because Tango, as a dance, is a unique moment of intimacy between two people, an authentic exchange of personal stories and different realities. 

While we enjoy a traditional Argentine afternoon snack and sweet pastries, you will learn some basic tango steps, we'll share our stories, passions, and you progressively immerse yourself in the tango language. This language was created by immigrants that came to BA and needed to  express their feelings throw music and dance since Spanish wasn't the language in common. 

Our tango MasterClass will include the technical elements to dance either roles with an unique method and approach:  the leader and the follower role. So you don’t need to come with a partner!

You'll learn about the philosophy hidden inside this dance. You'll explore Tango as an immersion tool. An opportunity for you, to discover a way to connect more with yourself and others.

Hopefully, after this masterclass you'll add some tango songs to your personal playlist , you'll go to some milongas in Buenos Aires and in the world, and may be you'll continue taking some classes. 

Who Is This Experience Good For

Anyone interested in music and dance or looking for a new passion.  

Meet Our Local Host 

Guada is a certified Tango teacher and Life Coach. She has been teaching tango for 10 years in public and private institutions in Argentina and United States.

She  developed the "Tango, Gender and Identity" program (for Public Schools) and "Tango y Salud" program (for hospitals and health foundations).  Nowadays, she has her own studio and she travels several times per year abroad to provide her MasterClasses and Workshops format.

For her, dancing tango is pure happiness to the soul & body. Teaching and sharing her knowledge is her passion.


Personal Introduction.

The masterclass is divided in three moments: 

- The individual

- The connection with the partner

- The dance

What's Included

-A tango MasterClass of 1 hour.

-Healthy Snacks.

-Traditional sweet crackers or mini pastries, fruits or dried fruit.

-Traditional hot infusions (MATE) , tea and coffee, water.

What's Not Included

- Transportation.

Know Before You Go

Minimum needed: 1person.

Maximum: 2 people.

You don’t need to have any experience.

Comfortable clothes and a pair of socks will be great!

Masterclass available from March 6th to March 14th

Please, make sure you confirm date and time of  your masterclass with Guada through the city team.



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